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This will be my 14th year as the school counselor at Arnold. I attended Tennessee Technological University and received my Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Masters of Arts in Educational Psychology and Counselor Education. I then attended The University of Memphis and received my Educational Specialist Degree in School Counseling. I absolutely love my job. I work as a team/family with the community, student, their family, and the complete staff at Arnold.I have the best husband in the world(Mark), two beautiful children(Emily and Adam), a wonderful daughter-in law(Julia) and three grandsons(Rowan)(Asher)(Gideon). I have a cat we rescued from the Smokey Mountains on Christmas Eve that our family named Silverbell.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Red Ribbon week

RED RIBBON  WEEK-October 19th-23rd

Monday-Kids on the Block will be speaking with our students during specials.

Tuesday- Students will receive stickers that say “Be Drug Free”

Wed- “Hooked on Books Not Drugs”

Teachers will bring their favorite books to share with the class. Pick a quiet time to read with your students

Thursday- Continue theme , “Hooked on Books” Students will be given Arnold Memorial Bookmarker that say “Arnold Memorial Elementary School is Proud to be Drug and Bully Free” to use with their library Books


Friday- IT’S RED  OUT DAY!!!!!!       “Celebrate Red Ribbon Week –not just for a day, but for life!”

We will wear red to finish the week! For Red Out Day students, faculty, and staff  are  to wear red and pledge to be drug free for their future! Our theme that day is  “Red Out" day when staff and students work together to turn the entire school red. Have everyone wear red clothing. 


****I have four water bottles that say Bully and Drug free, A light up chain,2 key chains and a red ribbon Day t-shirt that I will give out to the  best red dressed people.

 Follow up Activities:

October 27th – During 4th Grade guidance class times Officer Samples, Officer Tank, and Ms. Wilson will present anti-bullying presentation and discussion

Nov 2nd- During 5th Grade guidance class times Officer Samples, Officer Tank, and Ms. Wilson will present anti-bullying presentation and discussion

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

It's a new school year!!!

Dear Arnold Family,
     I am so excited about this new year. We have just finished five  "Newcomers groups". We are getting ready to start a 'Friendship Academy".  Students wanting to make new friend will meet in my office during their lunch times on Monday. We will play games and spend some great time together!!
    Guidance classes have begun. Our first lesson was on "Character" . This month is "Integrity". Ask your children about their time with Ms. Ladybug!!!!
    Your  child might call me  Ms. Ladybug.  I am the lady you can come to when things bug you. I also like ladybugs.
     Please feel free to stop by my office anytime. It's room 219. It's hard to miss. The children know it as their room filled with puppets, lego's, and my bike. Most of all it's filled with so much love for your children and your family.
     Thank you for letting me be a part of your children's life!
Ms. Ladybug